During daylight hours, we shoot beautiful natural light on all but the darkest days. I also have a full studio lighting setup. Weather permitting, we can shoot right outside the studio, too.


Whether your having prints made or using your new images on the web, here are the steps we take to get there:

First is the shoot, obviously. You'll get to see all your images right there at the end of the shoot to make sure your happy with what you've got.

Next, within one business day I create for you a private online gallery of all your images in proof format and send you and email with the link, user name and password. (You can forward this email on to anyone you like so that they can see your shots, too.) or bring a flash drive with you and take the photos home with you.

Then, you choose the images you want to use and send me an image order order number.

A few business days later, I will email you preview images with all the retouching and other edits. I will ask you to look them over and approve them. If you are using the image on the web, you can use these preview images right off the email and they should work great for most online use.

You should save your copy for safekeeping. If you aren't printing anything, We still send you the full resolution image for your safekeeping.

At the end of the shoot, you will be able to sit down in front of an HD monitor and see a slide show of your entire shoot in HD. This way we make sure you feel great about what we’ve just accomplished for your new headshots!.

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